Photo's and Video's
8/ 08 Atco NJ- Peter wins $25,000 at Atco
Superbucks Weekend
Pete saves it! At the 1995 Mopar Nationals In
Vinny Barone's B/EA.

A great shot of Pete's wheelstanding camaro in the winning
final round at the 08 NHRA Englishtown National Event.
Peter Biondo and his good friend and neighbor
Donnie Sabin square off in the NHRA National Event
Final at their home track in Englishtown NJ in 2009.
Heads up SS/BS final with Peter crossing the stripe first.
Peter scores his first Competition Eliminator NHRA National Event win in 2009 driving Arnie Martel's 08 GTO
Aug 08- Peter celebrating his $25,000 win with
friends and family at the Atco Super Bucks Weekend.
A good shot of Pete coming down the
return road in his 2007 Racetech Dragster.
Peter celebrates his first national event win in
the SS/BS Cobalt. Here someone snapped a pic
at the end of the track after the final round.
Vegas Nov 07'. Peter and good buddy Kyle Seipel
celebrate after the two make it to the final round of the
Ultimate Gamblers Race. The $45,000 was split down
the middle and Kyle beat Peter with a .008 rt dead on
to a .008 and one over for Peter.
Father Sam and Peter celebrate after
Peter's Indy win in 2003. 
Aug 07. Pete and his brother in law Richie Schreiner
with the Biondo Racing Dragsters at a Big Bracket Race.
Peter's 69' Camaro pictured here "flyin high"
in a heads up final round race win over
Jim Boudreau at the Columbus
Sportsnationals in 05'. 
Englishtown National Event 2002. Peter
won Stock, father Sam won S/S and pal
Donny Sabin won S/ST. Brother Sal
drenches them with Champagne.
Peter tucks his 2006 World Championship
Oscar away to sleep.
Gainesville 08' Stock Win
Sal's son Dylan acts like he just won a
race in Uncle Peters car while his sister
adoringly watches on.
Peter's C/SA 69' camaro sitting in the lanes at the
Keystone Nationals 2003
This photo was taken in the early 90's when
Peter just came back from winning his first high
dollar bracket race worth $7800. Sal and Donnie
Sabin congratulate him.
Peter's partner Phillip Montieth shows
off his music taste wearing a Notorious
B.I.G. t-shirt after Peter's 2005 US Nationals win.
Peter and Sal are featured in a magazine
with the title being "Tale of the tape". It was
a side by side "boxing style" comparison
of the brothers, both on and off the track.
A one year old Peter Biondo

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